On the Malecón

Although this isn’t Lebbeus Woods’ most recent post on his own blog, I wanted to share it here on Techne because it displays the reactionary qualities and sketches/modelling making skills that I always love to see from him.

This short project tackles a social and environmental problem surrounding The Malecón. The extreme weather conditions that cause turbulent waves to crash against the shear sea wall allow for little civic pleasure along the coast. No obvious public space exists for the community to make use of properly (and safely) along this coastline.

Lebbeus’ proposal provides recreational space to enjoy the sea most times of the year. While during adverse weather conditions the sheltered spaces transform into a barrier against adverse weather conditions.

For the full blog go to: ON THE MALECÓN « LEBBEUS WOODS.

El Malecón de la Habana—The Malecón

Heavy waves crash against the sheer seawall

Section through terrace segments at normal sea levels


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