Form Matters – David Chipperfield

Main Entrance to the Neues Museum, Berlin

Approaching its final days at the Design Museum, David Chipperfield’s Exhibition provides a great amount of depth from his earliest work to his current masterpiece, Neues Museum. The exhibition occupies almost the entire first floor of the Design Museum, providing expansive coverage through a range of media and scale.

Upon arrival on the first floor, you are welcomed with an extraordinarily large print of the Main Entrance to the Neues Museum installed by David Chipperfield Architects. An example of the clear cut precision in time and space that Chipperfield intervenes with the new bright white staircase against some of the original brickwork of the walls.

In a clockwise orientation, viewers can expect to see some of Chipperfield’s earlier work to the left, while the Media Room displays two separate video tours of his previous work. One shows of Chipperfield himself showing press around the Neues Museum, exposing the amount of trial and error that took place with “we tried this.. liked that.. hated this effect” while constantly making reference to the layers of history the building possesses. In this tour he reveals where he restored, removed and refereed through all these layers.

Overall, the exhibition provides an up-to-date detailed account of the the architect’s current portfoltio, projects of all shapes and sizes while providing coverage on his latest highly publicised work. A substantial amount of material to digest, with each project recalling their studio philosophy of “creating specifically detailed buildings that are intimately connected to context and function”.
The exhibition ends on the 31st January and is a must see for those associated with the architectural profession.

All of the following photos are my own from my visit:


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